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 Anso Caress by Shaw

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Anso Caress Carpet by Shaw

All the softness you love... Now in your Carpet

Inspried by Nature

Anso Caress Carpet by Shaw Link

Mother Nature has showered the earth with brilliant colors in a myriad of tones, tints and hues. The beauty of her color palette is all around us, from the Amalfi coast and Mediterranean waterscapes to the landscapes of the Swiss Alps and Western Painted Desert. Her paintbrush has dressed the stage for our memories since the dawn of time. Learn more at Caress by Shaw.

50 Colors From Nature's Most Treasured Color Palettes

Designers for centuries have long been stirred to create spaces that feel natural and evoke emotion based on colorations found in nature from all over the world. Timeless, and always beautiful, nature's palette has inspired our Caress color line. You'll find a rich variety of 50 shades offering essential neutrals, atmospheric blues, verdant greens, quiet grays and earthly browns. Mimicking nature's flawless palette, the color line is as enchanting as it is striking.

This Unique Collection will Forever Alter Your Perception of Softness Underfoot

Anso Caress Carpet by Shaw Link

Traveling the world for inspiration, our Shaw team has noted a trend in homes and interior design where mainstays like bedding, rugs and furniture are all going "soft," using natural resources as materials. This inspired a different way of thinking about flooring, resulting in the creation of our ultra-soft Caress products.

To learn more about our Anso Caress Carpet, please visit caressbyshaw.com.