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 Shaw Introduces New Patented Backing System That Eliminates Edge Ravel and Roll Crush

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January 10, 2006

Shaw Introduces New Patented Backing System
that Eliminates Edge Ravel and Roll Crush

Dalton, GA - Shaw has recently introduced PowerEdge*, an innovative secondary backing that creates a stronger fabric at the roll edges to prevents roll crush and edge ravel at the seams. The backing also includes a patented** directional marker system that facilitates installation.

Utilizing the technical information gained over the years with the companys successful SoftBac products, Shaw has engineered the new backing system to provide greater surface area for lamination to occur, while delivering a gain of over 50% lamination strength along the roll edges.

Developed in conjunction with SI Corporation prior to Shaws acquisition of the company, PowerEdge incorporates spun yarn inside both edges of the carpet roll to create an outer powerband that provides stability and superior lamination strength to these target areas. The directional markers give installers a guide to prevent pile mismatch during installation.

The benefits of PowerEdge to retailers and installers are evident:

Greater lamination strength along roll edge

Less damage to rolls during shipping and handling

Directional marker lines assist in eliminating installation side-match claims by defining pile direction.

Shaw has market-tested this remarkable backing system for two years, and results confirm the products exceptional capability. PowerEdge will be featured on most of Shaws loop-pile Berbers currently on ActionBac, including the companys new Beyond Berber collection.

Additionally, Shaw is offering a 5-year warranty against edge ravel on 3-Star PowerEdge styles and a 7-year warranty against edge ravel on all 4-Star styles. Products must be installed according to CRI guidelines, including the use of seam sealer to validate the warranty.

Greg Fowler, Shaw R&D project manager, notes that the majority of problems concerning loop-pile products begin at the seams. PowerEdge helps solve common problems at the seams, if proper installation guidelines are followed, he says. Perhaps equally important, the patented marker yarns used with this system finally give installers a simple way to determine the pile direction of the carpet.

We think PowerEdge typifies how Shaw is investing in technological improvements to make life easier for our retailers and increase consumer satisfaction, says Randy Merritt, executive vice president of sales and marketing. Improving seam integrity is a big advantage for customers who use Shaw loop-pile products.


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