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 Shaw Unveils Green Merchandising, Expands Website

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May 29, 2007

Shaw Unveils Green Merchandising, Expands Website

Dalton, GA - Shaw has developed point-of-sale materials to help consumers understand the environmental benefits associated with many of their new products. An in-store kiosk and hanging signs are among the elements that point out the recycling capability of Shaw's Anso nylon and other Nylon 6 carpets through the company's Evergreen Nylon Recycling plant in Augusta, Georgia.

We're excited to bring a big part of our Shaw Green Edge environmental story in-store, says Kathy Young, Shaw's creative director. Retailers across the country, but especially in areas that are very environmentally aware, are hungry for green merchandising that will attract and educate customers. Young says that the Pacific Northwest is an example of a region that is particularly environmentally conscious.

The company's I want a floor theme used in its national advertising is continued in the point-of-sale material. For example, one in-store banner reads, "I want a floor that helps to keep up to 300 million pounds of carpet from landfills each year." Other messages featured on in-store signs indicate additional environmental benefits derived from Shaw's collection and recycling efforts. Our environmental point of sale is attractively designed, compelling, and informative, adds Young.

Young says energy savings are a key part of Shaw's consumer messaging. The Evergreen process saves hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil, the equivalent of millions of gallons of gasoline, and that's something everyone can relate to, she says. And not only is it a question of cost savings, but reducing oil use also helps to preserve natural resources. We're happy to be able to help retailers support their customers in helping to preserve our future.

Consumers are clearly interested in environmental issues today, says John Bradshaw, director of post-consumer carpet collection for Shaw. Our research, in fact, indicates that 88% are interested in learning about eco-friendly products. In light of that, it's really not a surprise that retailers would want to take advantage of the heightened awareness today.

In a related move, Shaw has created separate environmental pages for its residential website, shawfloors.com, scheduled to debut by June 15. From the new site, visitors wanting more information will be able to link to the company's corporate environmental website, shawgreenedge.com. We felt that we needed an area on shawfloors.com that would be easy to understand and not overly technical, says George Davies, Shaw marketing communications manager. The Shaw Green Edge website is an excellent source of information, but we believe most visitors to shawfloors.com are looking for basic environmental information that relates to their potential purchases. Those wanting a more in-depth look can easily go to shawgreenedge.com

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