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 U.S. Department of Commerce Releases Final Rulings

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For Immediate Release

Dalton, Ga. - October 13, 2011- On Wednesday , the U.S. Department of Commerce released its final rulings in the unfair trade ongoing investigations of Multilayered Wood Flooring from China. The Commerce Department determined that all but one Chinese manufacturer has dumped the product in the U.S. market and/or received subsidies from the government of China. The dumping and subsidy rates announced by the Department represent deposit requirements for estimated penalty duties, which are subject to retroactive revision.

This unfair trade investigation was instituted by a petition filed last year by the Coalition for American Hardwood Parity (CAHP).

Also on Wednesday, the U.S. International Trade Commission held a public hearing in Washington in connection with its final ruling on November 9. If the agency determines that the U.S. multilayered wood flooring industry has been injured or is threatened with injury because of the unfairly traded Chinese imports, the cash deposit requirements that were the subject of yesterday's Commerce department ruling will go into effect, and enforced by U.S. Customs at the border.

Jeff Levin, lead counsel for the CAHP, stated: "We are pleased that the Commerce Department has agreed with what the U.S. Industry stated from the beginning of this process. The vast majority of Chinese imports are unfairly traded. This industry presented a very compelling case to the ITC, that we believe will strongly support a favorable judgment from them next month as well.