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 Shaw Rug Advertising Policies

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Shaw Living Advertising Policy

The Price Advertising Policy covers any communication about Shaw products that may be read or heard by someone outside of the dealer's physical retail location. The Policy covers communications by any form of print or broadcast media, as well as posters, handbills, flyers, Internet web sites, and any signage that is visible from outside the dealer's retail location. The Policy does not cover in-store signage or displays that are visible only within the store.

Policy concerning advertisde prices: Shaw Living reserves the right to establish minimum advertised prices. Shaw Living dealers may not advertise prices that are below these minimums, except as provided below. Shaw's minimum advertised prices, like Shaw's suggested retail prices, are subject to change. Dealers will be notified of any changes.

Policy concerning advertised discounts: During special promotional periods approved by Shaw Living, the maximum discount that may be advertised is 30%, except that discounts may not be advertised at all on Internet web sites, unless expressly approveed by Shaw Living. In its discretion, in connection with special events, Shaw may approve the advertising of greater discounts.

Shaw Living Rights and Permissions Policy

Limited license: Shaw Living is pleased to grant its authorized dealers a limited, nonexclusive license to use the current versions of Shaw's trademarks, trade names, copyrighted images, logos, designs and distinctive advertising marks (collectively, the "Marks"), provided that (1) the Marks are used solely in connection with the advertisement, promotion and sale of Shaw Living products; and (2) dealers use these Marks in accordance with all applicable instructions and guidelines from Shaw Living.

Rights retained by Shaw Living: These Marks are protected by various forms of intellectual property law, and Shaw retains all rights in and complete control over their use. All Internet web sites and other media featuring these Marks or any Shaw products are subject to the approval of Shaw. Shaw reserves the right to deny, limit, or withdraw this approval and to terminate this license at any tiime and for any reason. This license is nontransferable and may not be sublicensed or assigned by the dealers.

Shaw is the owner of, or is using under license, various trademarks, trade names, logos and design marks (collectively referred to as the "Shaw Trademarks"). All dealers are expressly prohibited from using the word Shaw or any Shaw Trademarks in any domain name and/or url address, in any deep linking or framing, or as a meta tag.

Shaw Living Internet Policy

Rug inventories: Any Shaw area rug offered for sale on an Internet web site must be stocked by the dealer in a size of at least 5' x 8', for as long as the Shaw rug is offered for sale.

Internet price advertising: Prices advertised on Internet web sites must comply with Shaw Living's Advertising Policy. This means that if prices are mentioned anywhere on an Internet web site, they must be equal to or greater than the minimum advertised prices established by Shaw Living.

Advertising price discounts: Discounts may not be advertised at all on Internet web sites, unless expressly authorized by Shaw Living as part of a national periodic promotion. No assurance is given that such promotion will occur.

Application of Internet Policy: This Internet pricing policy covers prices that appear anywhere on an Internet website, including purchase order forms, and to prices that don't appear on the web site itself, but which are accessible through the web site by means of a hyperlink. References to discounts including promotional discounts or coupons are strictly prohibited under this policy. Prices communicated by any of these means must comply with Shaw Living's minimum advertised prices. Dealers operating Internet web sites are free to make sales at prices below Shaw's minimum advertised prices, but they may quote lower prices only in response to an in-person, telephone, or e-mail inquiry from a customer (including a system that automatically responds to consumer e-mail inquiries).

Shaw Living Retail Pricing Policy

While Shaw Living reserves the right to determine what prices appear in any ADVERTISING for Shaw products, and on any Internet web sites featuring Shaw products, Shaw does not require its dealers to SEE those products at any particular price. DEALERS REMAIN FREE TO DETERMINE THEIR OWN RETAIL PRICES AND MAKE SALES AT PRICEES BELOW SHAW'S MINIMUM ADVERTISEED PRICES.

Transshipping Policy

The sale of Shaw Living products to dealers is governed by the Shaw Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. Shaw Living dealers may sell Shaw rugs only to retail customers or ot other authoized Shaw dealers. Dealers may not sell or otherwise provide Shaw products to another for resale without prior, written authorization from Shaw.


In the event of a violation of this policy, the dealer's business relationship with Shaw will be terminated. Should any Shaw Living dealer sell to another dealer who is not authorized to sell Shaw products, in violation of the Order and Transshipment Policy, our business relationship with and license to that dealer will be terminated immediately.

Shaw Living Accommodation Return and Refusal Policy

*Accommodation returns for products beyond 90 days of Invoice date will not be authorized.

*Restocking fees and freight charges will also apply to all refused shipments.

*All area rug products invoiced less than 90 days will incur a 25% restock fee (of invoice amount) and freight will be charged both ways.

*Restocking fees and freight on accommodation returns will be subtracted from credit memos issued on returned goods.? No offsetting or additional credits intended to defray the restocking charges will be permitted.

*Shaw will not support or endorse consignment of products.

Shaw Living

All of our customers are important to us at Shaw. We value our relationships and appreciate the opportunity to do business with you. These policies are in place to portect our brand, and to encourage the sale of Shaw products. These policies are subject to change. Current policies can be confirmed by visiting shawliving.com, shawonline.com, or by contacting your Shaw Living representative.

Shaw Living Warranty & Care and Cleaning

Shaw Living offers a one year warranty against manufacturing defects of area rug products. If there is an additional warranty, it will be listed in the Area Rug Big Book with the product.

Care and Cleaning;Regular vacuuming helps rugs retain their beauty and extends the life of the rug. Clean spills immediately; blot with a clean cloth; spot clean with Shaw's R2X Stain & Soil Repellent System or a solution of clear dish washing detergent and water (1/4 tsp. to 1 quart of warm water), rinse with water and blot dry. Do not dry clean. Do not bleach.

Professional cleaning is recommended periodically using the hot water extraction method.

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