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 Greenguard Certification: Hardwoods and Laminates

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GREENGUARD Certification: Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

Shaw Hardwoods and Laminates Achieve GREENGUARD Certification

What is GREENGUARD Certification

Simply put, GREENGUARD Certification ensures that a product has met some of the world's most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air.

Since 2009, all Shaw hardwood and laminate flooring products have met GREENGUARD Certification criteria. The GREENGUARD Certifications from UL Environment recognize interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air in which the products are used.

Meeting stringent emissions standards, Shaw's laminate flooring has received the GREENGUARD Certification and its hardwood flooring has achieved the GREENGUARD Certification.

These GREENGUARD Certifications contribute to points toward numerous green building rating systems, including LEED. To maintain Certification, products are retested on an ongoing basis.

The GREENGUARD Certifications are examples of Shaw's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. To learn more about Shaw's overall work in sustainability, visit Shaw Green Edge.


GREENGUARD Certification

The first voluntary North American indoor air quality product certification created specifically for commercial building products, this certification requires that products meet stringent chemical emissions requirements originally developed as purchasing specifications for building projects for the US EPA and the State of Washington. Products with GREENGUARD Certification (formerly known as GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification) are compliant with stringent emission levels for over 360 VOCs, plus a limit on the total of all chemical emissions combined (TVOC).

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