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 OptiCore: Laminate Coreboard Technology

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OptiCore: Laminate Flooring Coreboard Technology

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Shaw's laminate products are inherently good environmental choices in floor covering. Engineered to last, laminate offers a long life span that minimizes replacement. And while it simulates the upscale look of a natural product like an exotic hardwood or natural stone tile, the actual material isn't used and the natural resource preserved

Shaw's new OptiCore is an environmentally friendly laminate coreboard that's strong, stable and moisture resistant.

Features of OptiCore:

        • Environmentally responsible core board used in all our laminate products.
        • Strong, stable and moisture resistant, ensuring lasting quality in Shaw laminates
        • OptiCore products either contain wood fiber by-products that are otherwise burned or put into landfills, or they are made from trees from managed forests representing a readily renewable resource, as trees are continually replanted to replenish these forests.
        • No landfilling of any material: From managed forests, only green logs are chosen; the bark is used for energy to heat oil for equipment, and exhaust gas from the heating is used to dry the wood fiber.
        • Compliant with California Air Resources Board's (CARB) requirements.
        • Suppliers are required to comply with the Endangered Species Act and the best management practices for forestry in the state where the material is harvested.
        • Compliant with recently revised lacey Act: the U.S. national wildlife protection statute ammended to make it a crime to import illegally logged timber products into the U.S.
        • "Sustainability through Innovation:That's the Shaw Green Edge.

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