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 Locking Technologies: Laminate Flooring

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Locking Technologies: Laminate Flooring Installations

VersaLock AG and LocNPlace are a snap to install. Literally.

Locking Technologies: Laminate Flooring - Versalock Logo

Shaw's patented locking technology that reliably secures the flooring panels on all
four sides without adhesive.

Locking Technologies: Laminate Flooring - Lock N Place Logo

Shaw's single action glueless locking system greatly enhances the speed and ease of installation while improving seam integrity.

Experience a new dimension in flooring with Shaw's VersaLock AG and LocNPlace glueless locking systems.

All Shaw laminate styles feature VersaLock AG or LocNPlace patented locking technologies that reliably secure the flooring panels on all four sides without adhesive. These floors can be installed quickly and without glue, so theres no messy clean-up and they can be walked on right away.

Shaw's Laminate flooring collection includes an impressive array of traditional, rustic, and exotic woodgrain designs as well as wide-format natural tile and stone designs that will enhance any room in your home.

Additionally, all VersaLock AG and LocNPlace floors resist moisture and can easily be taken apart and reassembled. Plus, they're made in the USA!

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