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17500 Black
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Construction: Woven
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Woven: Shaw Living's WOVEN rugs are created on automated weaving looms in which multiple colors of yarn are sewn into a backing material. The rugs' elaborate designs are created by the placement of the different colors of yarn.

Printed: Shaw Living's PRINTED rugs are created when a design is printed, or essentially stenciled, onto solid-color rugs.

Tufted: Shaw Living's TUFTED rugs are non-woven products manufactured on multi-needle sewing machines. They are created with varying face weights and pile heights and are designed to produce a variety of patterned and non-patterned products.

Fiber Content: 100% Nylon
Shapes Available: Rectangle
Design Style: Contemporary-modern
Reflecting the vivid cultures of the Mediterranean, this collection presents a palette that's more luscious, vibrant, and dimensional than ever seen before in machine-woven rugs. What's more, the rich shadings within these designs give you great options in color coordination. It's all thanks to Shaw's new ombr├ę dyeing technique. We've taken centuries-old processes and carried them out through modern technology. The result? Deep, radiant colors that make your rooms sing. Woven in the U.S.A. from Shaw's EverTouch┬« nylon, which offers outstanding softness, design flexibility, and durability--and it's completely recyclable! The black has warm shades as well as cool tones of indigo, gunmetal, and gray. Intense reds range from deep burgundy to bright tomato. Blues include indigo, peacock, teal, denim, and periwinkle. Intoxicating greens showcase apple, mint, khaki, and spruce--and within the purple range are tones of wine, royal, blueberry, and plum. The brown is rich with shades of espresso, loden, chocolate, and walnut. And finally, the golds and beiges are tempered with warm and cool hues to evoke sophisticated elegance.
Sizes Available By Color
All sizes are not available in all colors. Please check the color column for availability.
3VE711' 8" X 2' 8"Rectangle
3VE733' X 5'Rectangle
3VE745' X 7' 9"Rectangle$399.00
3VE757' 9" X 10' 3"Rectangle$799.00
3VE769' 6" X 12' 10"Rectangle$1,499.00

Regular vacuuming helps rugs retain their beauty and extends the life of the rug. Clean spills immediately: blot with a clean cloth, spot clean with a solution of clear dish washing detergent (non-bleach) and water, rinse with water, and blot dry. Professional cleaning is recommended using the hot water extraction method. Do not Dry Clean. Do not Bleach.



Shaw Living offers a one year warranty against manufacturing defects of area rug products.


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