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Grand Central Challenge

Grand Central Challenge

Shaw Floors is rolling out the red carpet at Grand Central Terminal! We've installed Shaw carpet, hardwood, and resilient for the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair in Vanderbilt Hall--one of the busiest rooms in the world--to prove they're tough enough for any rush hour--even the one in your home.

From Greek Kings to Modern VIPs: A History of the Red Carpet

Over the centuries, the red carpet has come to symbolize luxury and hospitality. Following is a bit of history about the flooring that has become synonymous with star treatment.

Ancient Kings

One of the first documented instances of rolling out the red carpet occurred in a fourth century B.C. Greek play. It symbolized that kings and other royalty were so venerable that their feet should never touch the ground.

U.S. Presidents & Business Tycoons

President James Monroe walked the red carpet in 1821, one of its first uses on U.S. soil. However, the phrase “roll out the red carpet” didn’t really take off until 1938. That’s when The 20th Century Limited luxury train line catered to business tycoons and other dignitaries. Passengers boarding the train at Grand Central Terminal in New York City walked along a custom-made red carpet — getting a taste of the luxurious treatment they would experience on-board.

The red carpet was already associated with wealth and prestige, and The 20th Century Limited made it synonymous with hospitality as well. If a red carpet were rolled out to you, you could expect a warm welcome and exemplary service.

International Celebrities

Today, many high-profile events feature red carpets leading up to their entrances.

Today, glamorous and high-profile events across the world — including the Academy Awards, Emmys and Grammys — feature red carpets leading up to their entrances. The red carpet is an integral part of the celebration, helps guests feel like royalty and has become a favorite part of an event for guests and spectators alike.

Star Treatment At Home

The same qualities that make carpet the choice for royalty and special events can make your home feel special, too. Whether you choose a dramatic red or a soothing neutral, carpet’s unlimited color options help you create any mood you can imagine for your home. Carpet also gives you a comfortable, safe foundation that’s just perfect for baby’s first steps, for kids playing or doing their homework on the floor, and for all members of the household as they step out of a warm bed each morning, return home after a long day of work or stretch out to watch a movie. And as its royal heritage would suggest, carpet can provide the ultimate in luxury. With the plush softness of carpet, you may even feel like a star.

About the Author

Emily is the director of color, style and design for Shaw industries and a 20-year interior design expert studying current and future color, style and design trends at a global level. She has been named by Floor Covering News as one of the 2011 Top 25 Women Propelling the Industry and a 2008 Women in the Home Furnishing Industry Legacy Award finalist.

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