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Grand Central Challenge

Grand Central Challenge

Shaw Floors is rolling out the red carpet at Grand Central Terminal! We've installed Shaw carpet, hardwood, and resilient for the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair in Vanderbilt Hall--one of the busiest rooms in the world--to prove they're tough enough for any rush hour--even the one in your home.

Four Tips for Turning Your Mood Board Into a Finished Room

A mood board is a great way to plan and organize your design, but how do you make it come to life in your actual space? Read on for tips on how to turn two-dimensional inspiration into three-dimensional reality.

Put It in the Room You're Redecorating

Once your mood board is assembled, take it to the room you're redecorating and look at it under natural and artificial light sources. This allows you to see how the colors and fabrics work in the room and determine if any of your current pieces fit into your new design.

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Work With What You Already Have

Hardwood Flooring Care

Just because you're creating a new design doesn't mean everything in the room has to be new. In fact, the mix of new, old and everything in between can bring life and texture to a room in a way that makes it uniquely yours. Some design services even specialize in creating a new look without buying anything! Just remember that a new floor or a fresh coat of paint can bring new life to everything around it.

If a piece doesn't fit with your mood board, don't automatically get rid of it. A good quality chair, for instance, can be repainted or reupholstered to follow your mood board and, voila, it fits right back in.

Make It Mobile

Finding a beautiful periwinkle color for your bedroom walls might be easy. Matching that exact shade from memory once you're in the paint store might be more difficult. Feel free to go big when creating your initial mood board but be sure to have a smaller version, or even a digital version, to take with you when you go shopping. This helps you and the salespeople you work with find products that best match your vision for the room.

Whether it's a page in a spiral-bound notebook or a Pinterest board on your tablet, include the following on your mobile mood board:

  • A current photo of the room;
  • Paint chips;
  • Fabric swatches;
  • Sketches of potential floor plans;
  • Room measurements.

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Buy an Inspiration Piece

Purchase a piece from your mood board — for example, an area rug, vase or coffee table — and display it in the room you're redoing. You'll get a sense of inspiration every time you see it, and you'll be motivated to push forward with the project. This technique is especially helpful if you're renovation is complex and will take a long time to complete.

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