Combining brilliant colors with subtle neutrals is like adding spice to a dish - it's instant drama and excitement. But how do you know which colors will work best? Color affects a room's "temperature" - it can make a space feel warm or cool, bright or relaxing. Even neutrals aren't so neutral, as they can also be separated into warm and cool shades.



Warm colors, like reds, oranges, and yellows add energy to a space and make it feel brighter. Perfect in kitchens and family rooms, warm colors create an inviting atmosphere for your family.
Cool colors, like blues, greens and purples, create a calming, refreshing mood. These tranquil colors work best in bedrooms and bathrooms and create a serene or dramatic mood.


The current crop of rich neutrals, like charcoal, cinnamon, cocoa, dove and wheat, can add a great deal of warmth and style to a space while still being easy for other colors to work with. Explore the warm and cool neutral shades below to see which accent colors pair best.


Low Contrast
Achieve a sophisticated look by choosing colors of similar intensity from neighboring color families.
Medium Contrast
Create balance by choosing two colors from the same color family but of varying intensity.
High Contrast
Make a bold statement by pairing a light hue from one color family with a deep, intense hue from another.


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