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00200 Ivory
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CS31H 9999.99'' x 9999.99'' Floor
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About Ashford Versailles Ivory
Style: CS31H
Product Type: Natural Stone
Shade & Texture Variation: Random

Variations in size, color, texture, and pattern are to expected in ceramic flooring. In fact, they should be enjoyed. These variations are part of what makes ceramic tile such a unique and beautiful choice for your home.

Each Shaw Ceramic flooring product is labeled for shade and color variation with one of the following ratings:

  • Low – Consistent shade and texture
  • Moderate – Moderate shade and texture variation
  • High – High shade and texture variation
  • Random – Very high shade and texture variation

For a neat, contemporary-looking tile floor, choose a tile with a low shade and texture rating. A tile with a high or random shade and texture rating will achieve a more casual, rustic effect.

Sq. ft. per carton: 8.00
Surface Texture: Versailles Mix
Surface Finish: Filled & Honed
Grade: Select
Close Grade

Premium Grade: Color is true and consistent throughout and represents the truest form of the stone. Little to no veining or surface imperfections are found. Premium Grade offers the most consistent coloration along with the smallest pits.

Select Grade: Majority of the surface is pure with the color remaining relatively consistent throughout the product. Small amounts of discoloration may be seen in a few select tiles. Select Grade offers some color variation and slightly larger pits than Premium Grade.

Classic Grade: Discoloration and imperfections are more pronounced and variation in shading/color exists throughout product. Classic Grade offers high variation from tile to tile and the largest pits.

Combine the desire for a look of sophistication and of generational integrity. The chiseled edged pattern with a honed surface of Ashford emanates a luxurious and organic feel. Soft and earthy hues offer a unique, individually exclusive floor as each stone reflects its own natural characteristics. Ashford patterns itself after the opulence of sensuous textiles by providing a designer pattern on the floor. Create your own one-of-a-kind floor with Shaw’s distressed, rich stone fashioned through a combination of sizes: 8x8”, 8x16”, 16x16” and 16x24”.

Slip Resistant: N
Frost Resistant: N

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