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00200 Marfil
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CS61F 17.72'' x 17.72'' Floor
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Grout Options - Selected: 00D11 SNOW WHITE
About Eris 18
Style: CS61F
Product Type: Glazed Porcelain
Glaze Hardness: 5.000

The relative hardness of glazed tile is an important issue that should be addressed when selecting a tile. The test is performed by scratching the surface of the tile with different minerals and subjectively assigning a Method of Hardness "MOH's" number to the glaze. The softest mineral used is talc (a #1 rating if no scratch), the hardest is a diamond (a #10 rating if no scratch). Other minerals of varying hardness that provide MOH's values of five or greater are suitable for most residential floor applications while a value of seven or greater is normally recommended for commercial applications. Both abrasion resistance and glaze hardness should be addressed when considering using glazed tiles as floor products.

Shade & Texture Variation: Moderate

Variations in size, color, texture, and pattern are to expected in ceramic flooring. In fact, they should be enjoyed. These variations are part of what makes ceramic tile such a unique and beautiful choice for your home.

Each Shaw Ceramic flooring product is labeled for shade and color variation with one of the following ratings:

  • Low – Consistent shade and texture
  • Moderate – Moderate shade and texture variation
  • High – High shade and texture variation
  • Random – Very high shade and texture variation

For a neat, contemporary-looking tile floor, choose a tile with a low shade and texture rating. A tile with a high or random shade and texture rating will achieve a more casual, rustic effect.

Sq. ft. per carton: 13.13
Surface Texture: Polished Stone
Surface Finish: Gloss
Make the statement of luxury and sophistication with Eris. The visually stunning design of this high luster porcelain is created using Shaw’s Clarity Digital Imaging™. In addition, this process achieves up to 10 times more patterns before repeats compared to traditionally glazed products, Eris’ digital imaging technology allows us to enhance the realism of the design while creating a multitude of individually striking tiles. Marble like veining crosses the subtle hints of stone creating a one of a kind visual. The high luster finish is also more durable than traditional “glossy” products and is suitable for all indoor residential application

Water Absorption: .50
Break Strength: 404
Dry C.O.F.: .75
Wet C.O.F.: .58
Slip Resistant: Y
Frost Resistant: Y

This tile is approved for installation in the following locations:

Approved for Floors
Approved for Walls

Eris 18 features these Shaw Advantages:
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