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00600 Beige
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About Ridgestone Mosaic
Style: CS45F
Product Type: Glazed Thru-body Porcelain
Glaze Hardness: 7.000

The relative hardness of glazed tile is an important issue that should be addressed when selecting a tile. The test is performed by scratching the surface of the tile with different minerals and subjectively assigning a Method of Hardness "MOH's" number to the glaze. The softest mineral used is talc (a #1 rating if no scratch), the hardest is a diamond (a #10 rating if no scratch). Other minerals of varying hardness that provide MOH's values of five or greater are suitable for most residential floor applications while a value of seven or greater is normally recommended for commercial applications. Both abrasion resistance and glaze hardness should be addressed when considering using glazed tiles as floor products.

Shade & Texture Variation: Random

Variations in size, color, texture, and pattern are to expected in ceramic flooring. In fact, they should be enjoyed. These variations are part of what makes ceramic tile such a unique and beautiful choice for your home.

Each Shaw Ceramic flooring product is labeled for shade and color variation with one of the following ratings:

  • Low – Consistent shade and texture
  • Moderate – Moderate shade and texture variation
  • High – High shade and texture variation
  • Random – Very high shade and texture variation

For a neat, contemporary-looking tile floor, choose a tile with a low shade and texture rating. A tile with a high or random shade and texture rating will achieve a more casual, rustic effect.

Sq. ft. per carton: 0.00
Made in the USA
A Classic and timeless stone, RidgeStone emulates quartzite flawlessly. Raw and irregular in appearance with a very matte surface and high variation, the patterns and colors take on a life of their own, creating not only a realistic visual but realistic feeling.

Water Absorption: 0.50
Slip Resistant: N
Frost Resistant: Y

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