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Shaw products
in the 2010 HGTV
Green Home

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AnsoNylon Carpet
 Design Flair II Carpet Flooring | Color: Majestic Design Flair II
Capital III 26 Tile Carpet Flooring | Color: Electoral Vote Capital III

Epic™ Hardwood
Rosedown Hickory Hardwood Flooring | Color: Burnt Sugar Rosedown Hickory
Silent Step

Shaw Living Area Rug
Angela Adams

Tile & Stone

Glass Mosaic
Glass Essential Squares

Epic Hardwood Flooring

Fill your home with quality wood floors that use fewer trees and produce
less waste. Epic Hardwood features a high density fiber core of recycled
wood fiber and uses 50% less wood than comparable engineered wood
flooring. So you can get flooring that's fashionable, environmentally
friendly and available in a variety of species, shades and finishes.

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STYLE:Design Fair ll COLOR: Mejestic

Bound Area Rugs

Add a shot of color with Shaw area rugs. Made
from resilient, recyclable Anso Nylon, our area
rugs offer stain and crush resistance at prices
that are more affordable than ever. So you get
style that's friendly to the environment and
your budget.

Explore eco-friendly area rugs Explore eco-friendly area rugs

Tile and Stone

Long-lasting tile and stone floors
are available with 40% recycled
content. Resistant to moisture,
stains, and bacteria, they're
naturally hygienic and offer
countless design possibilities.

View eco-friendly Tile & Stone View eco-friendly Tile & Stone

Anso Nylon Carpet

Going green doesn't mean sacrificing style, color or comfort. Anso
Nylon carpet merges beauty and sustainability. The result is
fashionable designs that are soft, tough and eco-friendly and can be
recycled over and over - Anso Nylon is gentle on the earth yet
tough enough to handle busy families. The proof is in the
lifetime warranty.

See Anso nylon carpet options See Anso nylon carpet options

STYLE: Falttering Choice COLOR:Heart