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 Carpet Styles & Construction

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Carpet Construction

Carpet Types & Styles

The manufacturing of carpet (carpet styles) - which can be described as sewing strands of yarn into a backing material - creates thousands of yarn loops.

When the loops are cut, we create a CUT PILE carpet, often known as PLUSH or texture carpet and even friezes.

When the loops remain uncut, we create a LOOP carpet.

These two options can be combined to create various CONSTRUCTION possibilities:

Cut Pile Carpet

Carpet Styles - Carpet Cut Pile DiagramWhen the loops are cut, you create a cut pile carpet.

Loop Pile Carpet

Carpet Styles - Carpet Loop Pile DiagramWhen the loops remain uncut, you create a loop pile carpet.

Patterned Loop Carpet

Carpet Styles - Carpet Patterned Loop DiagramWhen the loops remain uncut and the loops have multiple heights, the result is a patterned loop carpet.

Cut & Loop Carpet

Carpet Styles - Carpet Cut Loop DiagramWhen cuts and loops are combined, you can create a wide range of patterns.

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