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 Resilient Vinyl Sheet Flooring Installation

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Resilient Vinyl Sheet Flooring Installation

DuraTru Resilient Vinyl Sheet Flooring

The DuraTru collection of resilient vinyl flooring gives you a comprehensive selection of stylish colors reflecting natural woods in smooth and handscraped finishes and stone and tile in slate, limestone and tumbled stone.

Fiberglass cushion-backed DuraTru offers superior comfort while minimizing impact noise and sound transmission.


There are a number of reasons why DuraTru offers ease of installation. Here are just a few:

  • DuraTru vinyl is very flexible and a joy to install either as a loose-lay DIY installation (up to 25 sq. yards) or a full spread professional installation with pressure sensitive (releasable) adhesive
  • Because of its unique fiberglass cushion back construction, DuraTru is more dimensionally stable?it lays flat and stays flat.
  • The fiberglass backing makes DuraTru extremely moisture resistant. It's an ideal flooring solution where other flooring types cannot be used.
  • Adhesive available in 4 gallon and 1 gallon pails

Download complete installation guidelines here. DuraTru Resilient Vinyl Sheet Installation

Be sure to discuss installation options with your Shaw retailer or an installer.

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