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 Tile & Stone Installation

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Tile and Stone Flooring Installation

Installation Checklist

What you'll need are the proper instructions - and a little patience.

Familiarize yourself with the basics steps for tile & stone installation to help you decide if it's a job you'd like to tackle.

Sub-floor Preparation

Classico Tile Flooring | Color: BeigeThis is the most important step in accomplishing a satisfactory installation. The subfloor must be structurally sound, rigid, smooth, flat, and free of curing compounds and waxy or oily films. Depending on your existing subfloor, you may need to lay a cement backer board before installing your tile.

Floor Layout

In this step, youll square off the room and measure it. Use a chalk-line device to determine where you'll start laying the tile.

Preparing the Tiles

Slight tone variations are to be expected from tile to tile. Mix tiles from several cartons before installation to ensure a good blend of shades.

Spreading Thinset

La Paz Tile Flooring | Color: DoradoUsing chalk lines as a guide, begin applying the thinset. Spread one coat using the flat side of the trowel and then immediately come back with second coat, using the notched side of the trowel.

Laying the Tiles

Place the tiles one at a time in the thinset by twisting and pressing, while allowing appropriate spacing for the grout. Use a straight edge or spacers to align the tile.


Nepal Tile Flooring | Color: PatinaIt is important to allow the thinset enough time to set before applying the grout. It may be best to begin grouting the following day. Apply the grout over one small section at a time and is spread with a rubber float or a squeegee. Pull the grout firmly over the flooring surface to both push the grout into the joints and clean off most of the excess grout. Finally, use a damp sponge and very little water to rinse.

Are you ready to install ceramic tile yourself?

If you want to take on the challenge, download our complete installation manual, which includes

  • a list of installation tools

  • an estimated timetable

  • information on suitable subfloors

  • special preparation requirements

To download the PDF file on Shaw Tile and Stone Installation.

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