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The dimensional elements have never been more important than today. Tactile, textural, subtle gradations, contrasting embroidery, hand-scraped or hand-polished wood, the surface speaks volumes to the human eye and human touch. The variety of offerings provide the look of a "one of a kind" product with affordable value.


Interior designers agree that every home has a place for an area rug. Layering in home decor is as fashionable as layering clothing. Don't hesitate to add color and warmth by adding a rug to hardwood, ceramic or even carpeting.


There's no denying the crisp, cool beauty of ceramic, porcelain and stone. Tile is often the hands-down favorite flooring choice, formal or casual, dressed up or down, dazzlingly decorative or stunningly simple.


Wood continues to provide warmth and character in an instant. Today with the innovations in engineered wood flooring...finally you can put the wood floor over the slab foundation and be finished in an afternoon. Smart consumers ae selecting domestic hardwood products that are driftwood gray, crackled white oak, polished black or white, as well as the beautiful and familiar birch, maple, oak and walnut. American forests are being grown 20% faster than they're harvested so it's an easy and responsible choice.


Magic Time Carpet | Color: TortillaDesigners recommend laminate for an upscale look without an upscale cost. Homeowners can make a house a home, stick to a budget AND get a warm wood look. Bring durability, quality and style home with laminate.


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