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 The Shaw advantage

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KEEPING FLOORS AS BEAUTIFUL as they looked the day you installed them is easy with Shaw. Our latest generation of exclusive advantages helps protect your investment and provides flooring your family will love for many years to come.

Take a moment to discover the innovations that give your home the Shaw Advantage.

R2x® Stain and Soil Repellent

Defend carpet against dirt and spills with Shaw's patented R2x Stain and Soil Resistance System. While conventional repellents protect only the surface, R2x guards the entire carpet fiber.

SoftBac™ Platinum carpet backing system

End wrinkle worries with SoftBac Platinum carpet backing from Shaw. This system helps ensure your carpet stays flexible and soft, while minimizing the visibility of seams.

PowerEdge backing system

ScufResist™ Platinum finish

When life is tough, Shaw's ScufResist Paltinum finish is tougher. So you can relax and let life happen on our hardwood floors.

Shaw SilentStep Ultra

Quiet the click-clacks and clunks of life on hardwood. Shaw SilentStep Ultra is an underlayment that absorbs sound and blocks moisture, so you needn't worry about noise or mildew.

Shaw's VersaLock® system

Speed up installation and enjoy your floor immediately, with VersaLock AG and LocNPlace. Our patented technologies lock securely without glue, so you can stop waiting and start walking.

Epic Hardwood with EnviroCore®

Is your hardwood flooring crafted with the next generation in mind? Epic Hardwood features EnviroCore, a high- density fiber core made with recycled wood and less waste. The result is stable, moisture-tolerant flooring that uses fewer trees and endures for generations.

Shaw carpet fibers

Durable carpet doesn't have to feel like concrete. Shaw's Anso® nylon, EverTouch® nylon and ClearTouch® carpet fibers offer toughness that doesn't compromise softness.

Eco-Friendly tile

Take your pick. Shaw's distinctive eco-friendly tile options go from textured and rustic to smooth and contemporary, so your biggest problem is deciding on just one.

Eco-friendly Area Rugs

When fashionable and responsible come together, the results are beautiful for your home and the environment. Recyclable Anso® Nylon area rugs can be recycled to create some of our most stylish and popular flooring.

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