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It’s simple:

  1. Shoot
  2. Upload
  3. Prepare
  1. Take your room photo

    Follow these simple guidelines to get the best room photos.

    • Simplify your room: Tidy up by removing plants, decorative items and area rugs.
    • Light your area: Shoot during the day with natural light behind you and room lights on.
    • Select high resolution: Set your camera’s resolution on high to ensure a sharp image.
    • Shoot the whole space: Include the whole room, so you can change floors, wall colors and other surfaces.
  2. Select a room photo

    Uploading your favorite room photos takes just moments.

    • Browse your files: Look through your photos to find and select your favorites.
    • Try multiple images: Choose up to five photos at once to give yourself options.
    • Upload photos: After you select your favorites, click “Upload” to add your photos.
  3. Get your room ready

    Take these simple steps to prepare your room for a new floor.

    • Define your floor: Highlight the floor in your photo with our easy-to-use tools.
    • Fine tune selections: Zoom in to add or subtract highlighted areas and create detail.
    • Align your floor: Enhance realism with a grid that fits your photo’s floor dimensions.
    • Add other areas: Change the whole room by adding rugs, wall colors and more.
My Shaw Floors – Snapshot