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Recommended Stain Removal Procedures: Acne Medication


How to get Acne Medication out of Carpet

Note: Most acne medication used today conatains benzoyl peroxide which is a powerful oxidizing agent, meaning that it is capable of bleaching dyed products. Despite your best efforts it is possible that you may see loss of color in your carpet which is not covered under most residential carpet warranties.
  • Scrape or blot up excess spill.
  • Apply detergent solution (1/4 teaspoon clear hand dishwashing soap and 1 cup warm water) with a damp towel; leave on for 3 to 5 minutes (blot, don't rub).
  • Apply water with a damp towel.
  • Blot, then finish with a weighted pad of white paper towels.

If stain is still present, continue as follows:
  • Apply white vinegar to a damp, white towel or paper towel, and dab into the affected area.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Blot with a dry white towel or paper towel.

Always rinse with water and blot dry as the last procedure.


  • Apply - Apply all liquids to a clean white (not printed) towel or paper towel and use to dampen carpet. Never wet a carpet through to the backing.
  • Blot - Press straight down with a pad of clean white paper towels - never rub. Rubbing alters carpet texture. Then in a final blotting, leave 1/2" of paper towels on spot overnight with a weight.
  • Dab - Apply a small amount of liquid to a clean, white towel or paper towel and touch lightly to the stained area of carpet until dampened.
  • Scrape - Gently scoop or scrape with the blunt edge of a spoon from the outside of the spill toward the center.
                              Weight - A weight 1/2" pad of white paper towels, left overnight, will absorb the last traces of liquid and foreign materials. Make sure the weighted object is colorfast and will not bleed onto the carpet. 


  • Detergent - Mix 1/4 teaspoon clear, see-through hand dish-washing detergent with 1 cup warm - not hot - water.

WE RECOMMEND THE PROCEDURES SPECIFIED IN THIS ARTICLE FOR SHAW FLOORS CARPET MADE WITH Fibers from Shaw Floors. Do not use these proceduces sub sequent to, or in combination with, other cleaning procedures or products.  Always rinse with plain water to finalize the spot cleaning procedure.

Since research has shown that many products sold for do-it-yourself spot removal clean poorly and their residues rapidly attract soil on the cleaned area afterward, Shaw Floors recommends R2x Stain and Soil remover for optimum spot cleaning. Additional cleaning products in the CRI certification program are listed at www.carpet-rug.org.

These stain removal procedures are for some of the most common household spills. These stain removal and cleaning procedures have been carefully developed for use on Shaw Floors' carpet made with Shaw Floors' carpet fibers and may not be appropriate for use on other types of carpet. The stain removal procedures are provided to assist in maintaining your Shaw Floors' carpet and reflect the best information available. Remember, no carpet is stain proof.

For futher information, call the Shaw Toll-free Consumer Information Hotline at (800) 441-7429