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Will my hardwood fade?
Your Shaw Hardwood Floor is an investment in natural beauty and craftsmanship. Wood is an organic material, which like most organic materials, changes color when exposed to the elements, especially light. 

The floor’s exposure to UV rays from sunlight can cause noticeable differences in the floor's color over time and accelerate the oxidation and aging of wood. Color change will vary depending on the species and original color. Some light colored woods like Pine and Cherry may darken; some dark woods like Walnut and Oak may lighten.

There’s no denying the beauty of rooms illuminated by natural light sources. But for your floors, natural sunlight is best in moderation. Blocking direct sunlight by using draperies, lowering the shades, or closing shutters can help prevent your floors from fading. You can also try periodically rearranging your area rugs and furniture. This will help your floors age evenly over time.

But remember, with age and use, your Shaw hardwood floor will gain character and remain beautiful.  So go ahead and live on it.