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Beautiful style
Go bold and big with a bound area rug

Compared to installed carpeting …

Bound area rugs can be bolder in design and color:

One great features of bound rugs is that there’s no need to be conservative in color, pattern, or texture. In this room, the strong pattern of the bound rug takes center stage. In fact, the rug makes the room. So you can choose whatever design you like and create a masterpiece!

Bound area rugs can be changed easily and often:

Want a new room? Get a new rug! Get something colorful and dramatic. Get it now. No fuss, no mess, no hassles, no installation. Just quick, easy design power.

Bound area rugs can be budget-friendly:

If you love a high-fashion look without a high price tag, bound rugs are one great way to go. Choose a large, modern graphic pattern—a hot trend these days—and pair it with whatever d├ęcor you have. It’s wonderful with minimalistic, industrial, and eclectic looks. And it’s wonderful that you won’t be spending a bundle.