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Flooring Fundamentals

Bound Area Rugs


Care & Maintenance
What’s the most important step in area rug care? Regular vacuuming! Soil particles can damage fibers—so the less soil, the less damage. 

Avoid “bad hair” days for your rugs!
Your hair can frizz… so can your rugs! If you have shag, cabled, or thick loop pile, use a suction-only vacuum or one with an adjustable brush lifted away from the carpet. Beater bars can agitate the pile and cause fuzzing.

I’ve vacuumed…now what?
Preventive care is your first line of defense:
  • Don’t track dirt inside – place walk-off mats in strategic areas.
  • Move your heavy furniture occasionally – and carefully!
  • Use carpet protectors under furniture legs.
  • Reduce periods of direct sunlight.

 The best laid plans…
Even if you do everything you can to protect your area rug, spills and accidents will happen. That’s OK! Just be prepared for the unavoidable:
  • Remove as much of the spill as possible.  Work from the outer edges toward the center.
  • If necessary, use a recommended cleaning solution.
  • Always make sure to rinse the area with plain water. This removes any sticky residue that attracts soil. 
  • To absorb any remaining moisture, ALWAYS be sure to layer several white towels over the spot and weigh the towels down with something heavy. This is important even when the rug doesn't seem very damp.
With regular care, your area rug can look great for years to come!

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