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Area Rug Q & A
You won’t  believe how easy it is to design your own area rug.

Literally 1-2-3!
Working with one of our authorized retailers, you’ll …

(1)Choose a carpet style and color
(2)Decide on the size and shape you want
(3)Place your order with the Retail Sales Associate

That’s it! Simple and snappy. But here’s a little Q and A to get you totally up to speed:
  1. How do I order my custom-bound rug?   
  1. Using our Retailer Locator feature, find the retailer nearest you—then call, stop by, or go online for the quick-and-easy details.
  1. What’s the maximum rug size I can order?   
  1. 24’ x 36’ - please note that on sizes wider than 12' seams may be visible.
  1. What shapes are available?   
  1. Rectangles, squares, ovals and circles, including runners and stairs.
  1. What border options are available?   
  1. 2" Cotton fabric, 2" leather, binding, serging or carpet.
  1. What styles can be bound in the Cut-A-Rug program?   
  1. Shaw can take any Tuftex style, Caress, Anso Colorwall, Soft Shades, Life Happens or Clearly Chic style and cut it, bind it, and turn it into the rug of your choice.
  1. Do I need a pad underneath?   
  1. A pad is recommended to avoid rug slippage. In addition to safety, it provides extra softness and longer rug wear.
  1. How much will it cost?   
  1. Prices are based on the carpet selected and on rug size. 
  1. What are my delivery options?
  1. Fed Ex to your home or pick-up from your retailer. Based on rug size, these options may vary and some upcharges may apply. 
  1. How long will it take to get my new rug?   
  1. You’ll receive it about 2-3 weeks from the date of order entry with your retailer.

Some things to consider when ordering:
Leftover Carpet.
Depending on rug size, shape, and placement, you could have leftover carpet. It might be possible to make a rug from the leftover piece. Be sure to discuss this with your retailer before placing your order.