Your Retailer Needs to Know


Flooring How To's

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Your Retailer Will Ask
When you consider our carpet samples, what style and color would work well as a rug in your room’s décor?
  • Is your space contemporary, traditional, or transitional?
  • What kind of feeling does the room convey—nature-inspired, industrial, eclectic, vintage, romantic...? 

How do you envision personalizing your space with our custom rugs?
  • Quiet texture and color—or bold pattern in bright hues?
  • The Cut A Rug program makes either one easy and relatively inexpensive—since you can always change the look again just as easily.

Will the rug be subjected to heavy traffic?
  • The answer to this will help us determine the type of carpet that’s best for your bound rug.
  • We’ll also be glad to make recommendations on maintenance for heavy-use conditions.

What size and shape do you need?
  • Big or little? Sizes can go up to 24’ x 36’ and down to whatever size you’d like.
  • Rectangular, square, oval or round?
  • Will the furniture sit on or off the rug?

Did you know?

If you have leftover carpet, we can often create another rug—for no extra charge!
  • Depending on rug size, shape, and placement, you could have some carpet left over. It might be possible to make a rug from the extra piece. If you do, we’ll finish it with the same binding free of charge!
  • If the carpet you choose has a directional pattern, you’ll have to decide which way you want the pattern to run on the rug—vertical or horizontal. Sometimes this choice results in leftover carpet.