Transform Your Room In An Afternoon

Introducing Floorigami DIY carpet. Available in tiles or planks, Floorigami is carpet made to make your life easier. It’s easy to work with, easy to clean, and oh so easy to love. Whether you’re looking to rework a space or add a punch of personality with a new custom-style rug, Floorigami is shipped to your door ready to install with just a few tools and no installation experience required. We’re not kidding. It’s just that simple.

This. Changes. Everything.

Floorigami is a mindset, founded on the belief that design and flexibility can go hand in hand. And that a cozier, more comfortable room should be within everyone’s reach. Small space, apartment, rug or room—just clear it, sweep it, peel and stick. If you’re inspired today, you can feel the warmth of carpet beneath your bare feet tomorrow.

Styles for Days

Our curated collection of designs are meant to make all sizes of space shine. Watch your creativity come to life. The real beauty of Floorigami is that it’s all about your vision for your space. Not ours.

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Create a stunning rug using these classic pattern guides. Or start with a blank canvas and dream up your own.

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Take a look at some of the most common questions about Floorigami installation and more.
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Caring for Floorigami couldn't be easier. Here's everything you need to know.


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