Caress by Shaw Floors

All the Softness You Love.

We designed a variety of styles inspired by the softest natural fibers around the world. Choose the style that tells your story.

The Caress by Shaw Collection

The Caress by Shaw Collection

All the softness you in your carpet. You're sure to be impressed by The Caress by Shaw collection. It's like no other carpet in two specific ways: color and softness.

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The Caress Carpet Patterns Collection

The Caress Carpet Patterns Collection

It’s our softest carpet … brought to you in 10 stunning new patterns. Which means Caress Patterns will offer lots of flooring excitement: 5 loop styles with a chenille aesthetic—think softly textured

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Shaw Carpet Warranties

Take a closer look at the Shaw carpet warranty we offer for each of our 4 carpet fibers. They’re our guarantee that the style and comfort you see and feel is the same you'll enjoy for years to come.

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