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Shaw Soft Shades Collection

Less gold and more grey in this upgrade to sophisticated neutrals
If we were to create a color palette of the decade, it would surely look like Shaw’s Soft Shades Collection.  It embodies the colors you see in so many home décor trends.  And it comes with an easy-to-attain value. 

In this update to the popular collection, you’ll find a rich grey undertone in many of the colors.  In decades past, you often saw a gold undertone but that shift to sophisticated greys is taking place in all areas of the home.  Where beige has ruled in the world of neutrals for years, you’re now seeing a warm grey/beige combination you’ll often hear called greige.

“Have no fear,” says Emily Morrow, Shaw’s director of style, color, and design, when talking about the shift to new neutrals.  “Grey is a timeless neutral no longer seen as a “safe” or “ boring” option.“    

“I think we have hit the “sweet-spot” between design and value with the updated Soft Shades Collection for 2015,” says Trey Thames, vice president of product and marketing.

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