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Shaw's Color of the Year 2018 is Gold Rush
Want a glimmer of what’s in store for 2018? Our color, style and design team agrees: everyone will be head over heels for the warm, rich allure of Gold Rush.

What’s gold is new again. Celebrate your home with Gold Rush, a warm neutral that reinvigorates and reinvites. Incorporate into your palette to effortlessly introduce visual warmth, and layer with natural textures such as wood, leather and metals for a look that reflects and accentuates individual style - from relaxed and natural to luxurious and glamorous.

“Golden hues evoke positivity, excitement and sophistication,” said Debbie Houston, Shaw Floors creative director. “With Gold Rush, styling options are diverse, so color can easily be the focal point or used to accentuate the overall design.”


Gold Rush works wonderfully with currently popular colors, including our previous colors of the year:

  • Pair gold hues with Lush green to saturate the senses
  • Layer with White to evoke a clean inviting statement - both airy and opulent
  • Add warm, gold finishes with Navy for rich visual impact
  • Introduce to cool Grey for a refreshing aesthetic that feels balanced and new


With Gold Rush, you don’t need to change everything. A few small elements bring vivid life to a room.

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