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Our Kitchen Update: A Progress Report
Written by The Blissful Bee

Winnie's new bedroom

Wall Tile

Our Wood Floors “Before” – The Good, The Bad, & The Dangerous
Written by The Blissful Bee
If you just read my latest post about the new floors in our kitchen, you probably saw a few glimpses of the “before.” Well, today I’m getting into all of the not-so-fun details of how messed up our floor actually was. But don’t you fret. I’m also sharing our top 3 choices before we made our final decision as well as more progress photos! When we purchased our house last May (yes, that’s right – last MAY) we had no idea how bad the condition of the floors were. We thought, hey, they’re charming, right? It’s a 100-year-old- house, so it’s “cool” to have weird floors. Well, boy were we wrong. As much as I yearned to keep the original 1922 hardwood floors, the reality was that it just wasn’t safe. Here’s why.

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Just be you.
Written by DIY Showoff

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