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We believe you don’t have to sacrifice style and durability in your design choices. And these tastemakers are out to prove that you can live the way you want in a home that reflects your personal style, worry free from spills, accidents and all of life’s other little surprises. Follow along as the Style Board tackles room makeovers from the floor up.

Whitewashed Flooring
Hardwood flooring is quite possibly the most popular, classic and timeless flooring choice of them all. From dark to light, wide plank to smaller planks and even various levels of distressing, there are so many options of hardwood flooring. Although flooring trends seem to come and go, you never really hear anyone say that a particular color, size or style of hardwood is "so 1970's" or "so outdated". This alone is one fantastic reason to choose hardwood flooring for your next renovation or new build. You just can't go wrong with hardwood, which is never a bad thing!

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Fall Home Tour
Written by Home Stories A to Z

Our Historic Fall Home Tour with Shaw Floors!

Fall in the South with Shaw Floors
Written by At The Picket Fence
Flooring Installation: What to Expect
Written by Home Stories A to Z
It has been two months since moving into our new home and redecorating is finally in progress! Today I’m excited to share some progress photos with you; however, before we dive in I feel the need to add a disclaimer. Warning: The pictures you are about to see here are not perfectly-styled makeover photos, but rather depict the flooring installation experience.

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Shaw Floors Installation

Safari Nursery Reveal
Written by The Blissful Bee

Finally getting Harper's room together 🎀🎀 Hard to believe she'll be here in just a few short weeks!! @shawfloors

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Waterproof Wood-Look Flooring
Written by Remodelaholic
My sister recently called me and asked my advice for some new flooring. She currently had a faux travertine tile, that while it was nice it hadn't been laid well just 10 years ago but now it was cracking and she was hoping to replace it. She couldn't have called at a better time, because I had just learned about some amazing new products from Shaw Floors one of my favorite brand partners. Just to give you a sneak peek…

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Winnie’s Bedroom Update AND The Hottest July 4th Weekend Sales!
When I last shared an update on Winnie’s bedroom it was basically just beds and wallpaper. I have since found quilts that I LOVE and a rug! I have to admit that I MIGHT have just found an AMAZING new rug that may jumpstart the completion for her bedroom. Stay tuned to see! In the meantime, here is a look at the best weekend sales AND a peek at Winter’s bedroom today!

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Addison’s Bright Coral Young Girl’s Bedroom Reveal…
With Addison and Winter growing by the millisecond, we were finally comfortable with them being on a different floor of our home than our master bedroom and I was FINALLY “ready-ish” to create bedrooms more suitable for little young ladies.

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Our Dreamy Blue Wallpapered Mud Room
One thing I have ALWAYS wanted in a home was a mud room. Quite possibly maybe even more than a kitchen 😉 For someone who cannot even handle anyone wearing shoes around the house, a mud room is OCD central.

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My Shaw Floors Carpet Installation
Written by Home Stories A to Z
As one of Shaw Floor’s Style Board members, I get to choose a certain amount of flooring for my home through a sponsored relationship with Shaw. It could not have come at a better time! Our carpet had definitely seen better days after two boys, three dogs, and an unfortunate incident involving a lizard’s heat lamp (don’t ask)! If you follow me on Instagram and watch my Insta Stories, then you saw our new Shaw Floors carpet being installed on our second level. I am thrilled with how it looks!

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11 Important Facts I Learned About Getting New Wood Floors
Written by The Blissful Bee
I feel like I could write a book on everything I’ve learned during our never-ending renovation. Of the many subject matters I’m quickly becoming an expert in (or at least FEEL like I’m becoming an expert in) flooring has become one of them. With my real-life experience (which you simply can’t beat) and some additional tips from a Shaw Flooring expert (Natalie Cady, Shaw’s Hardwood Category Manager) I wanted to give you guys some pointers on what I’ve learned during this process.

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Winnie's new bedroom

Our Wood Floors “Before” – The Good, The Bad, & The Dangerous
Written by The Blissful Bee
If you just read my latest post about the new floors in our kitchen, you probably saw a few glimpses of the “before.” Well, today I’m getting into all of the not-so-fun details of how messed up our floor actually was. But don’t you fret. I’m also sharing our top 3 choices before we made our final decision as well as more progress photos! When we purchased our house last May (yes, that’s right – last MAY) we had no idea how bad the condition of the floors were. We thought, hey, they’re charming, right? It’s a 100-year-old- house, so it’s “cool” to have weird floors. Well, boy were we wrong. As much as I yearned to keep the original 1922 hardwood floors, the reality was that it just wasn’t safe. Here’s why.

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