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TripleTouch® Carpet Cushion
Carpet cushion may work behind the scenes, but it’s a critical element to consider if you want a comfortable home. And we know you do. For the absolute best of the best in comfort and performance, we recommend TripleTouch®. This premium cushion offers the following benefits:

Unsurpassed Comfort Underfoot
  • Enhanced urethane cushion technology
  • Simply the most comfortable carpet cushion for long-lasting, beautiful floors
Extended Product Warranty
  • Doubles the Texture Retention Warranty on Anso®, EverTouch® and ClearTouch® carpets
  • Life of the Home Cushion Warranty (details at
  • Preferred cushion for ease of installation with Softbac® Platinum carpets
Environmentally Responsible
  • Made with bio-based polymers
  • Reduces dependency on petroleum-based products
  • Backing made with recycled content

Additionally, TripleTouch is treated with our R2X Barrier for moisture protection. R2X outperforms other moisture barriers by preventing spills and pet accidents from penetrating the cushion for up to 24 hours or longer. R2X also passes the 24-hour British Spill Moisture Barrier test, the toughest and most stringent test in the industry. It also allows for easier cleanup of common spills and stains and protects subfloors from moisture, mold and mildew.

You’ll spend a lot of time choosing the perfect carpet for your home. Make sure to give the cushion underneath the same consideration. We’ve made it easy for you – according to recent testing, eight out of ten consumers prefer the comfort of TripleTouch cushion compared to other carpet cushions. Choose TripleTouch, and your carpet will provide lasting comfort and performance for years to come.

Save up to $1,000*
24 Months Financing**