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How to store your rug
As much as you love your rug and its style, there may be times when you need to store it for a season. 

Following these simple guidelines will make sure that when it’s returned to your room, it looks and feels every bit as wonderful as it did before storage.

To store the rug, vacuum it, then roll it up with the backing side out. To protect the rug from dust, you may want to wrap or cover the rolled rug with cloth or plastic. To avoid transfer of color from the cover to the rug, make sure that the material of the cover does not have a strong dye. Do not wrap the rug too tightly; allow a little room for air to circulate.
You’ll need a good place to store the rug. It should be climate-controlled and out of direct sunlight. Choose a place that will not have a high humidity level. You may also consider using a dehumidifier. You should also avoid storing the rug directly on a concrete floor. Finally, do not place anything heavy on top of your rug while it is stored.
That’s it! Your rug is ready for a safe sabbatical, and it will be fresh and beautiful when you bring it back out.

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