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Tile & Stone Installation – Questions to Ask

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Tile & Stone Installation – Questions to Ask
Choosing the best place to purchase your flooring can be just as important as the flooring itself. There’s no way to guarantee the perfect experience; however, there are a number of questions you can ask both your dealer and your installer to help make a wise choice.

How long have you been in business?

This is an important question for both your dealer and installer. Well-established companies are typically successful companies and are concerned with repeat business.

What is included in the final price?

This is an important question for both your dealer and your installer. It is also important to clarify the price includes basic or premium products. Some issues to consider are:
  • Does the price include both flooring and installation?
  • Are upgrades available at additional costs?
  • Are taxes included in the final price?
  • Is there a charge for removing and disposing of the old floor?
  • Is there a charge for moving my furniture?
  • Are estimates free?

What are the warranty terms for both the flooring and the installation?

It is always a good idea to know up front what is required to maintain your warranties and who is responsible if an issue should occur.

Will you send a professional estimator to my home to calculate how much flooring will be required?

An estimator will determine exactly how much flooring you will need to buy to complete your installation. 

Is your installer bonded and insured?

Anyone that comes into your home to perform work should be bonded and insured. This will protect both the installer and yourself if there are any issues during the installation.

Can you provide references or examples of your work?

Sometimes the best way to rate a company’s performance is by talking to their customers. 

How long will the job take?

Let’s face it; your installation is going to render your rooms unusable until the job is complete. It is always best to get a time frame for the installation from your installer before the project begins.

Are my subfloors in good shape?

If your subfloor is not level or is damaged this can result in installation delays. Some installers can make the necessary repairs prior to installation; however, if the damage is extensive you may need to hire a carpenter.