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Groutable Vinyl Planks
Shaw currently features two styles that can be grouted and provide a more realistic look of tile and stone. Luxury Vinyl Tile is also a great choice where moisture is a concern and will resist water damage under normal use conditions for many years.

Resort Tile Groutable Vinyl Tile
Resort Tile is a 16" X 16" tile that offers true rounded edges and a 3mm thickness that allows the tiles to be grouted. Resort Tile can also be laid edge to edge, so the choice is yours.
Resort Tile is solid 100% virgin vinyl that’s more durable and stable than competitive products. When compared to typical tile and stone flooring, resilient vinyl and is softer, warmer and more flexible underfoot. All Shaw Resilient Vinyl Flooring can be installed above, on or below grade, and installed over many types of existing sub-floors which could cut down on floor prep time leading to a quicker installation.

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Resort Versailles
Resort Versailles Groutable Vinyl Tile is an exciting option for those looking for interesting patterns. Each carton is packaged with four sizes made up of 8 - 16"X16" tiles, 8 - 8"X8"s, 4 - 8"X16" tiles and 4 - 16"X24" tiles. This configuration of tiles constitutes two full patterns and contains 32 square feet. Although the Resort Versailles Tile must be grouted, must maintain a 3mm grout line and cannot be laid edge to edge, it features the same great features as the Resort Tile such as: rounded edges, 100% virgin vinyl construction and it can be installed above, on or below grade.

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