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Groutable Vinyl Planks

Shaw Floors luxury vinyl tile that can be grouted to provide a more realistic look of tile and stone. Vinyl is a great alternative to traditional tile and stone in cases where vinyl’s softer and warmer features are desired. Vinyl is also faster and easier to install, even when adding grout. Take a look at Shaw Floors versatile, groutable vinyl options below.


Resort Tile Groutable Vinyl Tile

Resort Tile is a 16" X 16" tile that offers true rounded edges and a 3mm thickness that allows the tiles to be grouted. It can also be laid edge to edge, so the choice is yours. Resort Tile is available in 14 slate-inspired hues spanning from warm neutrals to rich earth tones.

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Journey Tile Groutable Vinyl Tile

Inspired by the worlds' most exotic locations, Journey Tile gives you a global mix of stone visuals in groutable vinyl format. The 12x24 shape is a popular choice in the tile marketplace. Journey Tile is available in 10 hues in multiple shades of neutral ranging from rich chocolate, charcoal and grey to taupe, cream and white.

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Explorer Tile Groutable Vinyl Tile

Exceptionally durable and easy to clean, Explorer Tile is a great choice for high-traffic areas. Available in two dynamic neutral shades, Explorer is as stylish as it is strong. The 16x16 size and groutable option makes Explorer a smart choice for any space.

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