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Simply Yours

Simply Yours Collection
Balancing clean, modern forms with rustic appeal, Simply Yours strikes the perfect balance of down-to-earth style and straight-up elegance. 

The “greyed-over” tones of fresh linen, flax, and concrete reflect the latest color trends—and the ultra-soft PET fiber has a luscious feel. The result is an array of lovely styles that delight the eye and hand.

For the practical side of things …
  • Most styles feature R2X®, which means spills and liquid messes are no problem. R2X is Shaw’s stain and soil protection system—it’s proven!
  • You’ll love the lifetime stain warranty and 10 years’ warranty coverage for texture retention, soiling, and quality assurance—in short, you’re covered.
  • Check out the great prices. There’s a Simply Yours style to fit your budget.

Bottom line … Simply Yours gives you simply beautiful value.

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