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Color Trends

Color Trends
You may have read that grey is all the rage in home design and fashion…and it is. But grey isn’t the only color trend. 

Accenting neutrals with exciting, bold colors is another trend that is sure to freshen up your home and create a sophisticated, current feel.

Check out some of these top choices and get inspired!

English Royal Navy

Navy is a classic in every way. It not only offers timeless appeal but remains a top color trend today. In the fashion world, a navy blazer is second only to the little black dress when you want a simple but sophisticated, pulled-together look. In your home, navy can offer that same classic, effortless style. Dressed up or down, navy anchors a room and is a stylish alternative to black.

Indian Ocean Teal

Soothing water colors have made a big splash in today’s home décor. Dive deeper into this trend with Indian Ocean Teal. This rich teal adds depth and dimension and works to bridge the new, cool, barely-there water colors so prevalent in homes today with the classic neutrals that help ground a room.  

British Racing Green

A long-standing favorite color for painting English roadsters, British Racing Green, like navy, never seems to go out of style. It’s not only a classic, but is enjoying a renaissance as one of today’s top choices. This energizing green adds a playful, preppy, youthful vibe to your home. 


Coral is truly one of the It colors. It’s everywhere—in fashion, art, and definitely in homes. Small splashes of this vibrant color can instantly brighten a room. Unlike popular corals of the past, the current trend is redder in hue—deep, rich and bold. 
Remember, it doesn’t take much to incorporate today’s stylish colors into your existing décor. Small touches like a pillow, a single painted wall, a piece of painted furniture, or a bound rug will go a long way in creating a fresh, up-to-the-minute look.  
And in case it hasn’t occurred to you, each of these colors pairs beautifully with grey…which is, of course, all the rage.

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