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Go Retro with '70s and '80's Inspiration

See a Beautiful '70s- and '80s-inspired room come to life
Nothing epitomizes our fascination with retro design these days like the '70s and the '80s.

And that's a good thing.  It means those decades hold great memories for people and they simply want to celebrate them.

Incorporating touches of the disco and the neon decades doesn't have to mean decorating with lava lamps, fur rugs, and peace signs.  There is a way to celebrate your favorite decades while still making it fresh, vibrant, and new.  Watch the video to see how this room came to life.

Notice the Sputnick chandelier.  Of course it's inspired by an earlier era, but with modern bulbs and finish, it creates the best kind focal point.

The '80s loved bright colors, and there is always room for color in high design.  Glossy white walls with colorful accents can give you a perfect backdrop.  The gold accents in this '70's- and '80s-inspired living room maintain the vintage vibe, but the room doesn't feel dated or too stuck in an era.  Modern throw pillows, woven textiles, and indigenous baskets help give the room new, unexpected life. 

The rich, weathered color of the Shaw hardwood floor is the perfect underpinning for the beauty of the room.  And the patterned Greek Key Shaw area rug brings an unexpected element of classic design that adds elegance, warmth and keeps the room from looking like a time capsule.