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Grey - the New Go-to Neutral

Grey is Quickly Becoming the Go-to Neutral
“Neutral” doesn’t have to mean beige. In fact, beige is increasingly taking a backseat to grey as the go-to neutral in modern homes.

Research suggests that consumers are staying in their homes longer, which means you just might be looking for a way to freshen up your interior. There’s good news.  You’re in the right place, and you can update the look of your home without changing everything. 

For you, going grey may be just the ticket.

Some might refer to gray as the “chameleon” of colors because it pairs so beautifully with so many other colors. Try pairing it with bright, accent colors like hot pink or canary yellow for a modern, quirky space. Or, match it with soothing blues and greens if a serene, mellow feel is your goal.  Grey even goes perfectly with deep, chocolatey browns or wood tones for a new spin on a traditional aesthetic. The possibilities are endless!

Our grey inspirations come from all over. It’s found in nature in a wide variety of shades and intensities, and people like you are increasingly inviting it inside. And Shaw’s expert team of designers wholeheartedly agree with their decisions.  That's why they named it their Color of the Year for 2015. 

Consider it for yourself, and it may be a decision that you’ll love for years to come.