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Shaw Color of the Year 2015

Shaw's Color of the Year is Lady in Grey
The envelope please…

Choosing the color of the year is a decision we don’t make quickly or take lightly.  And before the final call, we gather information from far and wide. 

We study home design trends. We talk to designers across the country and beyond. We watch fashion runways, read home magazines, and follow design blogs. We shop. We explore the world for inspiration of all kinds. And we listen to you.

From all this, one color finally makes its way to the top of the list.  That’s when Emily Morrow, our director of design and style, makes the announcement.  This year in particular, it’s the color everyone is talking about.  We call it…

Lady in Grey.


We’ve watched all shades of grey emerge as a new neutral for years.  It works in a monochromatic design, creating an oasis that is incredibly inviting and peaceful and luxurious.  It can also be paired with practically any other color to create combinations that seem new and instantly classic at the same time.  

“Our Lady in Grey is a color that’s both sensible and chic,” says Emily Morrow. 

We’ve seen shades of grey become the perfect backdrop for nearly any decorating style. Shaw’s Lady in Grey has become such a pillar of home design and fashion that there was no other color that could earn top billing for 2015.