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Shaw believes in its people, products and partnerships. Our flooring retailers are committed to providing the best service they can. They go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with the product, service and ultimately, your home. Purchasing flooring can be daunting, but our retailers are there to help you every step of the way. Shaw Industries is committed to creating a better future – for our customers, our people, our company and our communities. We know our retailers feel the same way.
7 Reviews


2 months ago Timely, efficient, and went out of their way to work with us to make sure we were happy. Customer service speaks volumes and makes me comfortable coming back for the next project. We worked with Mike Mason. He's your guy.
4 months ago Love my new floors from Mill Direct! I had Brazilian TigerWood installed on the first floor of my townhouse and they came out gorgeous. Mike Wiley did a great job communicating with me and scheduling the install. And the team was very professional.
last year I used Mill Direct based on the advice of a realtor. I assumed this to be a good sign that a realtor would send people there, and I was impressed with their selection, prices, and professionalism in the store. We had both carpet and engineered wood floors installed, with the engineered wood glued down. When our floors were first installed, they looked great and I would have recommended them to anybody (and did). I now rate them 1 star. Here's why: The quality of wood (product) was great. The carpet was great. In the first few days, there were a few things that we observed that needed small fixes, and they jumped right on it. After two weeks, we started noticing more issues. Gaps of 2-3 mm showed up in a few places; planks were coming unglued and creating "soft" spots (where you can feel the wood give as you walk)-- some areas this resulted in air poofing up at us and in other areas this created a clicking sound; planks popping up at the seam to create ridges along long runs. Areas that so unlevel that it felt as if we had arch support when walking with bare feet; when they moved our dishwasher to install under there they didn't reattach it to the underside of the cabinet making it useless. We brought all these issues up, and our salesman eventually came out to look at the job a month after the install. He agreed that it wasn't up to their standard and that had he known we had a concrete subfloor, he would have had a different installer come out because the one that did show was not keen to work with concrete and it appears he didn't do the necessary prep work. We said we wanted the entire woof floor redone (only 500sqft). 2 weeks after his visit (a month and a half after the install was completed), we were told that based on discussion with other installers, all the areas coming unglued were likely because of the age of the subfloor and that nothing would change this, including a full reinstall; and thus they wanted to replace just the kitchen (which was really bad) and nothing else. Now, I have a hard time believing this because 1) we replaced a wood floor that was already installed and was perfectly flat for the 5 years we had already lived there 2) other people have wood floors installed in my building with no problem 3) if the kitchen can be fixed/made flat, the entire floor should. I rejected the decision to replace only part of the floor. I'm now waiting on a manager/owner to reach out to me. It's been almost two weeks since I was told it needed to escalate higher above the sales team (almost 2 months since the install and 6+ weeks since I started noting problems), and it's been two days since I called and was told (because it was after 5pm) that the person I needed to speak with wasn't available, but the manager said I should receive a call the next day. I believe the folks that own/operate the business are dedicated to their work and have heard good reviews from others (a realtor for example that would not send people looking for floors for their soon to sell home to a place that they have had bad experience with), but offer this as a warning for "if it doesn't go right, it could take a long time to make it right" .
2 years ago I really wanted to be able to give this company a 5 star rating, but the installer made mistakes that I cannot overlook. I thought the salesperson, Brian, was terrific and professional. I got a great price on great carpet and upgraded padding. The installer put down the wrong padding. I am told that it was a mistake. I believe that it was, as he went back to the store to find that there was a special order for my upgraded padding. BUT he did try to tell me that it was the correct padding at first. KNOW WHAT YOU ORDER. I contacted the salesperson about an issue I had with the carpet on the stair. He got someone out quickly to fix it. The repair guys fixed it professionally and courteously. I would use them again.
3 years ago I had my new carpet installed today. My entire experience was positive from my initial call, to the in-home estimate, to browsing options in the store and finally, the installation. Mike helped me select a very nice carpet that was affordable and appropriate for my home. I would recommend anyone shopping around to take the time and visit the store. Great selection, price and service. My new carpet looks wonderful. Installation took about 5 hours. I would use them again.
4 years ago Mike and assistants have served me extremely well with carpets and flooring for four condos.
5 years ago Mill Direct sells flooring and carpeting, including a lot of custom order items. I bought an item in stock, and had an excellent experience. Project: Find a bargain price for a high-quality stair runner and area rug. To my surprise, I was directed to a large selection of remnants. Several dozen were big enough for the job. I found one beautiful remnant that was less than 50% of the cost of custom-ordering the very same carpeting. Friendly sales staff helped me ensure that the remnant was big enough. The store sent a very nice staff member to my address to measure the two areas and talk about details such as how much flooring to expose at the edges of the room. Binding, pad, delivery, and installation were extra, but the final price after installing the remnant was still below the raw cost of a custom order of the identical product. Service was prompt and polite, with good communication and just the right questions. Two different sales staffers helped us throughout, and we never had to explain things twice. Everybody at Mill Direct just seems to know his/her job. This is not a fancy store, but that's fine with me. A lot of the remnants are in neutral shades, but I quickly found a color and pattern with character. Staff members give clear explanations about relative quality, wear, etc.

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