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5 Reviews


3 months ago Always quick service We have been using Sue and Bruce for 27 years that's why we keep coming back
2 years ago The quality of the work was poor and unprofessional. I was told by the estimator that all cracks in the hardwood floors would be filled and all exposed nails would be countersunk and filled. The crew was at my house for less than an hour and the finished product was unsatisfactory. I would not recommend this company.
last week Don,

I hope that you might give us a call to resolve this matter, as I am unable to find you in our records as being a client. I'm not sure Quality Floors & interiors, LLC, is the company that performed the work in your home. There is another company locally, under a similar name, that installs hardwood exclusively. Please give us a call at 747-2295, ask for Lisa. Thank you for your time.
2 years ago We built a new home this year and ordered all our our floors, bathroom counters, etc. through Quality Floors & Interiors. I cannot rave enough about the service we received. Not only did the staff show us a lot of variety but their main objective was to try and stay within our budget. Also, the kitchen backsplash that I had originally ordered thinking it would match with the granite countertop was a disaster!!!! But Sue went up the house, saw that it was terrible, called me first thing, and we were able to stop the installers and order something that we then knew would look MUCH better!! What can I say... great service!
2 years ago Overall very disappointed with our experience with Quality Floors & Interiors. Their expert advice on products appropriate for this area is seriously lacking and multiple obvious installation errors were made. We were referred to Quality Floors, by our builder, for the hard surfaces in our home. The granite work was fine. The tile work was fairly good, though they will charge significantly more to seal the grout (this is not included in their initial quotes). A very obvious poor/incorrect cut was made on the vinyl flooring, complete with visible subflooring. We had to ask twice for this to be repaired, with their end solution being a patch. It works but is by no means a flawless job. By comparison Carpet 1 gladly replaced an entire room of vinyl for a seam in the wrong place, refusing to have a patch job in a easily visible area. Carpet: obvious visible errors were made with installation, and these were ignored by the installers. While they were repaired, the job should have never have been left in this condition. Specifically, the wrong padding was installed in one room, a floor vent was completely covered, padding was visible due to poorly cut carpet (think bright blue padding showing up under cream carpet, kind of impossible to miss yet we had to ask for repair), the majority of the thresholds seem poorly cut, we had to go back with scissors and cut off the plastic threading fraying from the poor cuts, and an area of padding was flat out missed, leaving a "low" area of carpet. Somehow, every scrap of carpet we requested to have left (for patches down the road) "walked off" and we were not left with a single scrap. Our largest and costliest regret from Quality Floors is the hardwood flooring. A year in and the floors look horrible. Significant gaps are present throughout, gaps that are easily visible without even looking for them. We were told very specifically that the builder had planned for a certain kind of flooring and we could change the color and type of wood but couldn't change products (something about door spacing and stair heights). We made our decision based on their recommendations, then had to change color because they waited too long to order our choice and here a year later we are stuck with 1/2 inch gaps throughout the flooring and a voided manufacturer's warranty as our Spokane climate is too dry for the product they told us to install. Evidently, Quality Floors is "doing a better job of educating customers on hardwood floors and their significant gaping" which really says to me they did something wrong with our case, however they refuse to take any responsibility, ignoring nearly all of our inquiries about the floor (really, they only respond to emails on issues that they are willing to fix). Their only "help" was to offer to charge us to install a putty that might work to fill the gaps, however we were still the ones paying. We put in the product that they told us, when it essentially failed and looks like crap, they say this is our fault, that we were supposed to know they recommended the wrong product for this environment or we should have specifically stated that 1/2 inch gaps would be unacceptable. For the amount of money that was paid, I would have expected better product recommendations (something that would look good at the one year point), better installation (with obvious errors fixed at the time, and not taking us pointing them out), and actual customer service for follow up.
last week Amanda,

I will try to address your complaints as best as I am able, as a few of these issues had only been addressed with the builder, and only some of them were then passed on to us.

As to the carpet and pad... Sometimes vents are inadvertently missed during the install process, and as soon as we were made aware by the builder, we came out to the home and cut the vent hole. The incorrect carpet pad that was installed ended up being an upgrade as compared with what was originally supposed to be in the room. We made sure as soon as we were told about the visible pad that it was dealt with.
The "plastic threading" that you saw around the installed areas is common to see after install, and just needs cut, and does not indicate a poor install. The left over carpet, that was there when we finished installing, would have been thrown away by the clean-up crew, who are not employed by us.

As to the hardwood flooring....yes, the home had already been set up as a speculative home, and was set up to have solid 3/4" hardwood installed. We were instructed by the builder that the thickness of the flooring needed to stay at 3/4", so our selection was limited to that, and then to certain floors in the price range indicated as to not go over the allotted budget. We had discussed with you, as we do with all of our clients at the beginning of the process, about humidity and hardwood floors, and that you may want to consider a whole house humidifier to assist in minimizing the gapping that can occur with solid hardwood in our arid climate. At the onset of the gapping in your home's hardwood floor, we came to your home with a representative of the wood distributor, who performed moisture readings in the floor itself, to measure the gaps (which were still within tolerance) and set out a humidity gauge, which read that the humidity in your home was low, and that is what caused the gaps in your floor. Not defective hardwood. I believe that the builder ended up installing a humidifier in your home following your complaints. I do hope that the humidifier has helped minimize the gaps in the floor. We did everything we were able to do as a flooring retailer in filing 2 separate claims with the flooring manufacturer to see if they would replace your hardwood floor, and both claims were denied due to low humidity in the home. Unfortunately, our hands are tied when it comes to that. Please remember that the materials that are specified to be in your home are given to us by the builder, and approved by you, the homeowner. We give any information we can to the homeowner about the products specified, as we did with you, so that the homeowner can make an informed decision. The flooring that was specified by the builder, at the point of the building process that the home was in, was solid hardwood floor. We showed all the solid hardwood floors available in the budgeted dollar amount, as to not go over the budget, and this was the style of wood that was selected by you. The only change that needed to be made was the color selection, as the original color was unavailable at that time due to a backorder from the manufacturer. The manufacturer and style never changed.
The vinyl repair was a repair that we were directed to do by the builder.
I realize this was not a pleasant experience for you, Amanda, but we did everything we could to make the experience a bit better.

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