Marine Carpet: Benefits of Boating with Shaw

Keep your boat's flooring looking new with Shaw.

Top Quality. Endless Style.

Find durrable flooring with so many different styles to choose from in the Shaw Marine Carpet product catalog.

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No More Wet Feet with NuWave Bac® outdoor carpet backing

NuWave Bac is engineered with embossed wave channels that keep contact between carpet and boat carpet to a minimum. This allows water to flow under it, so water no longer sits still, causing damage.

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Quick Cleanup & Drying With R2X

Shaw offers R2X on both Shaw Unitary Backed Carpet for easy glue installation and snap-in styles. R2X ensures the carpet will stand up to most common spills by beading on top and drying 20% faster.

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Shaw's Marine Carpet: Longer Warranties

Shaw’s confidence in R2X is expressed in extended warranties–The Keys collection will carry a 10–year Limited Soil and Stain Warranty, as well as a 5–year Limited UV Degradation Warranty.

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