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Product Information

Hardsurface General Information
Get the information you need about where to locate your hardsurface warranties, care guides and much more.

Are your wood and wood products obtained from responsible sources?

Please see our Responsible Wood Procurement Policy (RPP) for details regarding the sourcing of our wood, wood fiber or products. 

Can I find the warranties for my hardsurface flooring on the website?

Please visit our Flooring How To's section for comprehensive warranty guides. You can also call our Information Center at 1-800-441-7429. Please have the style information and installation date ready.

Where can I find product care guides online?

Find product care information in our Flooring How To's section or Contact Us for copies of product care guides.

Will existing laminate purchased before 2007 work with Shaw's new locking system?

No. The color and design may still be available but plank width is different. However, T-moldings can be used to separate the two laminates. Contact Us to discuss and explore additional options for your situation. Include the style name/number of the product in question.

Can I use a steam mop on my hardwood or laminate floor? 

No. Steam cleaning can damage and warp hardwood or laminate flooring. Visit our Flooring How To's section, to locate the care guide for your floor.