Inspiration to installation

Our heart goes into every floor, every relationship and every home. The first step to a beautiful room starts with Shaw Floors.

Loves High Traffic
Feels Comfy

Wire Walnut

This style features accentuated grain pines, walnut, dark oak and acacia visuals.


Sun-up to sundown

Shaw Floors helps you resist stains, stands up to traffic, and looks great all day.

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8:00 AM

Morning rush hour can be rough. Orange you glad the spills can wait?

Introducing Palatino Plus
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12:00 PM

Time to paws for a short break.

Introducing Exquisite
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2:00 PM

Quiet moments or rowdy moments - these moments will become memories.

Find Your Comfort
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6:00 PM

Get out. No really. Get. Out. (A little fresh air is nice)

Introducing Fusion Herringbone

Inspired from the start

Our design experts are always looking ahead to help you create the home you love.

Trend Watch Collage

Introducing Whisper.

The mood for 2019 can’t be captured in a single color alone.

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