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Getting the Look You Want with Hardwood Design

Hardwood Flooring

Flooring How To's

Hardwood offers a variety of colors, tones, and styles
Hardwood floors are an easy way to improve the look, durability and value of your home while also incorporating natural beauty. We invite you to take advantage of the different colors and textures we offer that will allow you to express your own style for each room in your home. 

As you browse our catalogs and collections, you'll find rich coffee colors, the very popular grey tones, and the always stylish taupe tones and still more that represent the look of reclaimed wood. You can see how the natural grain of the wood gives your room depth and dimension.

You can also use brighter gold or bronze tones to create a more contemporary look. These tones highlight the contrasting grain of each plank to provide dramatic texture and color.

You'll also find a vareity of styles, from the more polished and refined to the distressed and rustic.

We’re drawn to natural elements and love the warmth that wood provides. We think you will too. Keep in mind that Shaw's variety of colors and tones will surely complement your design palette.