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Hardwood Flooring Edge Types
When you are making a decision on hardwood flooring for your home it is important to not only consider the surface material but to consider how the product is finished. 

The edge type of the style you select can make a big difference in the overall effect of how your floors look once installed. Edge type can be defined as the finished sides and end joints of each plank. Regardless of the hardwood collection that you select, we offer two different types, beveled edge and micro-beveled edge.

A beveled edge has a more distinctive deep V groove that emphasizes the uniqueness of each individual plank. This edge style typically lends itself to a more traditional or rustic type of décor, although it also works in a modern setting.

The micro-beveled edge has a shallow V groove that is not as deep as the beveled edge. This micro-bevel helps accentuate the depth and characteristics of each plank in a slight and subtle way. This style typically lends itself to the sleeker design styles such as transitional and modern. 

These are little differences, but they do have an impact on the appearance of your beautiful finished floor. Now that you are armed with this knowledge, your local Shaw retailer can show you samples and help you determine which edge style will work best for you. Let them show you how the different edge styles accentuate the beautifully unique texture in each plank.